Tasmanian Leaders Panel


Vanessa Cox

Vanessa is co-founder and CEO Long Tail Property, a telecommunications and electricity infrastructure company on a mission to help the top not-for-profits in Australia leverage their property and social assets to generate income and become less reliant on donations. Long Tail’s mission is to support those who help make the world a better place, do more good in the world. 

Vanessa is a businesswoman, philanthropist and mum. From an early age Vanessa had a great love for business. Then, a horrific accident in her childhood confined her to a wheelchair and her dreams of being a globetrotting business woman were put on hold. Rebuilding her strength she went on to develop her love of business, a love she has taken across the world from brand marketing for Nike in Europe, account managing shareholder events for FTSE 100 companies in London to creating her own marketing agency in Australia.

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