Frankly Women Leadership Program - Hobart


We know that when women thrive businesses benefit

Frankly Women is dedicated to building the leadership capability of women so that they can thrive in their careers and live the life they want to live. Our Frankly Women Leadership Program focuses on giving talented women the opportunity to connect, build capability, strengthen confidence and accelerate their careers. This program is perfect for mid level managers who have the potential to become future leaders in Tasmania and beyond.

Program Structure

The program will commence on Wednesday  31st July 2019 and will run every Wednesday ( full day)  for six consecutive weeks. 

Workshop 1: Authentic leadership – we delve into positive psychology and the art of mindful leadership. We will analyse your strengths and establish how you can more effectively leverage these strengths to improve your leadership capability. We will also discuss how to identify and engage a career mentor.

Workshop 2: Wellbeing and Change - we will explore the physical, mental and social aspects of wellbeing and how you can enhance your wellbeing to become a more effective leader at work and beyond. We will explore why change is so hard and how you can make it easier for yourself and others.

Workshop 3: Coaching skills - learning how to be an effective coach is one of the most powerful attributes of a successful leader. You will learn how to utilise the GROW coaching model to accelerate your coaching credentials.  

Workshop 4: Strategic thinking and Commercial Acumen – together we will build your credibility as a savvy business leader by exploring a range of different ways you can increase your commercial acumen and develop your strategic thinking ability

Workshop 5: Personal Brand and Communicating with impact - we will explore the notion of personal brand and how we can influence this. We will also analyse and refine your communication style for maximum impact across diverse audiences

Workshop 6: Career planning and leadership showcase – create your career plan and share your Frankly Women experience

Homework: Participants will be expected to complete 2 to 3 hours of homework between each workshop as well as meet up weekly with their career mentor to discuss their leadership development.


Workshop Venues

The workshops will take place across a range of different venues within (or close to) Hobart. Specific details will be provided to participants prior to Workshop 1. 

Guest Speakers

The program will include a number of guest speakers and facilitators who are considered a leader in their chosen field. Participants will be asked to nominate who they would like to hear from (no guarantees - but we'll do our best)!


The cost of the program is $2,995 (plus GST) per participant.

Places are limited

We will be taking no more than 16 women in total for this program. 

Please note that we will only accept 2 women from each organisation per program (this is to ensure we maximise the diversity profile of the group and enable broad networking opportunities).

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