ESPOIR Perfect Oil Control Pressed Powder | Matte-Smooth Skin Texture by Controlling Oil & Increase Lasting Power of Makeup | Kbeauty


Product Description

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(as of Sep 21,2021 06:02:15 UTC – Details)

1.Excellent makeup lasting effect on oily skin
-Long wear ring effect that doesn’t break long time makeup

2. Expressing smooth and smooth skin
-Primer effect for smooth skin texture

3. Transparent and gorgeous skin color correction
-Clear skin expression with clear tone


MAKEUP COVER: Increases the lasting power of makeup by controlling oil before and after makeup
SEBUM CONTROL: It controls oil as it clearly applies on skin
PORE CARE: Due to its texture does not clog up pores, while having a primer-like effect
Make your skin look BRIGHTER, FRESH and HEALTHY!